It’s Clan-goth-len!

January 8th 2020. A cold, frosty day at the start of the year. The time of year when all any of us really want to do is fast track to spring, and/or to that late January pay-day. Is there any worse month of the year to be alive than January?

Well, that didn’t stop us gathering together at the Prince of Wales here in Llangollen to make our video! You might have seen it, and if not, why not? You’re here on our website after all. So here’s a clicky-link thing - have a look, let us know how you say Llangollen!

We’re so grateful to the locals who came along on the day of the shoot to be extras and to Kelly, the pub manager, who you can see behind the bar, dancing and singing along. Her beautiful smile lights up the video. Pat, of Llangollen Brewery, came along too and he can be seen behind the bar dad-dancing along. Fair play to you, Pat!

Star of the show was John, a musician, producer and talented songwriter, who came up with the ‘It’s Clan-goth-len’ lyrics and music. He’s the one who says it all wrong at the start of the video.

If you look closely, you’ll spot Terry, the vocalist, playing pool and kicking off the song. He’s also the magic behind the video - producing and directing, this is his first cameo appearance in a video!

However, we have to acknowledge that for us it was all the locals who supported us on the day who are the real stars of the show. Not least Barry, the dog, who won our hearts!

We had a blast making the video and we’re delighted it’s gone viral with many shares on social media. Huge thanks to all and, lastly, Llangollen - how do you say it?

Made in Wales. By nice people.

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